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Envirotech Systems Limited is one of the most renowned companies for its acoustic solutions. We lead the market with our large range of products and solutions that can cater to almost every acoustic need. Our capability to provide noise control solutions is spread over a number of domains. In our endeavour to reach every nook and corner, it has led us to grow in all directions. We strive to deliver the perfect solution that meets the exact requirement of our client.

Our clients: To us at Envirotech Systems our esteemed clients are our priority. We focus on building a relationship and an understanding rather than a business dealing with them. We are motivated by working together with our clients to achieve a common goal ofeffective sound reduction rather than trying to convince our clients to buy the product we want to sell.

Our core beliefs: is to provide effective sound attenuations solutions for the environment irrespective of the cost and effort.To us providing a quality service that resolves the situations comes before making a profit.

Our Service level: We do not compromise on our level of service whatever the price. Our ethical values are strongly based on moral uprightness. We give our best and provide the highest level service.

Our Employees: We have a large team of people who work together on a project each doing their specialised task. Our employees comprise of skilled technicians and engineers among other valued staff. Each team member contributes their share to the project and is equally important.

Our History

With almost 2 decades of experience to back us we have come a long way since our inception in 2007. Founded with a dream to provide sound control products, Envirotech Systems has progressed much subsequently. Over time we have scaled up our manufacturing unit to include many new products and new solutions for sound attenuation. We have increased our product range to cater to new areas that need noise reduction solutions. We have ramped up our technical expertise and the size of our team to be able to handle a greater number of projects for more clients.

Our Client Support: We attribute our growth to our wonderful clients who have believed in us and allowed us to work with them through the years providing high quality noise reduction solutions. The supporting pillar of any organisation success is its client base.

The accomplishments of an organisation stems from its ability to provide a service that is exemplary. We have utilised our expertise to perfect our acoustic products and assist many organisations in dealing with their noise reduction issues. Our products have made a difference to the noise control problem in many areas

Research & Development

Our core belief at Envirotech Systems has been to deliver the best product to the client. In order to do this we ensure that we continue to improve on our products with the passage of time and incorporate new technologies and methods of working.We do our best to keep ahead of the technology and continue to lead the market:

Latest technology: Staying up to date with the latest break throughs and new inventions around the world is a part of what our research and development team does. We want to provide our clients with the latest technology products.

Innovative concepts: Our inventive team of R&D engineers take challenges seriously and work on them to come up with an innovative solution.At Envirotech Systems we feel compelled to find a way around every problem. This has led to some great inventions by our team.

Improving existing products: Integrate new concepts into our existing products to better their performance is something we constantly strive for.

Variations of products: There are times when certain products need a few adjustments to suit different situations. Instead of altering the same product to suit the situation we have created multiple products that are readily available for each different situation.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve up on our line of products to gives our clients the advantage of a better option. Our research and development team also work at finding new ways to devise cost effective acoustic products and solutions.

Manufacturing Facility

We have a state of the art manufacturing facility. We employ the latest techniques and all our equipment is hi-tech. Our factory work space area covers over 55000 sq ft and comprises of a range of equipment for different purposes.

Our factory sustains itself on the motivation of our workforce that work in a dedicated manner providing noise control measures to clients. Amongst our infrastructure we have the facility to manufacture different variations of steel. Steel is one of the core components we use for our noise reduction products. The different types of steel we make are stainless steel, carbon steel and alloy steel. This is done with the aid of a number of insulation materials such as rock wool, wool and others.

We have a large section of our work space dedicated for welding and painting, including galvanising. This area is also used for fabrication of large structures like acoustic containers and various acoustic panels. Our welders are adept at putting together a combination of different material to achieve the perfect sound reduction level.

We have a full manufacturing setup and a huge list of machinery in our factory. Our manufacturing unit also comprises of a sound measuring and testing facility. Our products are tested at each stage of manufacture and also upon completion. This is to ensure that we supply our clients with the high performance acoustic products.

All our products have a quality assurance and we are An ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 certified . Most of our products come with a warranty. We do not leave the customer helpless if a product does not perform as intended and we work to solve the issue at hand.
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