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Envirotech Systems Manufacturer of Acoustic hanging Clouds provides best NRC value and aesthetically pleasing look for Ceiling. Acoustic hanging Clouds having smooth finish for better aesthetics and controlling the sound reverberation and echo from Top and Bottom both the angles. Envirotech Acoustic hanging Clouds are high performance acoustical products with an exceptional visual appearance through its design and shapes. Acoustic hanging Clouds come in a variety of configurations to meet all interior and acoustical requirements, provide higher absorption through its acoustic design. Acoustic hanging Clouds design, shape and thickness can be customised as per choice of the Architect or acoustic consultants’ requirement. Insulation Material infilled inside the Acoustic Clouds as a sandwiched between both the cores of Clouds to increase sound absorption value as per Acoustic Consultant’s design.

Technical Specification

  • Acoustical Hanging Clouds made of compressed polyester fiber boards and MDF batten with rigid fixation. Acoustic Hanging Clouds can be filled with 1000 GSM Polyester Wool for achieving the best NRC Value. Size of the Clouds 1200*1200*40mm or as per customization. To be installed with Hanger Wire or Thread Rod. The Clouds can be suspended individually with Thread rod or Unistrut channels as per architect’s design. Size and Distancing of Acoustic Clouds as per architect’s/Clients’ choice for NRC 0.90. All makes and models of all items/samples should be approved by the Architect/Client's prior to the installation.
  • Thickness of the Clouds 30/40/50mm or as per choice.
  • Size of the Clouds 600x600, 600x1200, 1200x1200mm, 600/900,1200mm.
  • Design and Shape Square, Circular, Triangular, Hexagonal.
  • Finish: Variety of shades. Having 20+ colour option available.

Technical Parameter

  • Core- Wood Fiber and Rockwool
  • Edge - Square
  • Density- 200kg/m2
  • NRC Value-0.90
  • RH- 85
  • Insulation Material Fire Rating- Class 1 & P
  • Light Reflection- Colour Dependent

Applications of Acoustic Hanging Clouds

Auditoriums, Conference Rooms, Cinema Halls, Theatres, Music Hall, Stadium, Lecture Hall, Library, Multi-function Hall, Hotels, Museums, Meeting Rooms, Business office and other public places.

Acoustical Hanging Clouds - Hanging Ceiling Clouds

Hanging Ceiling Clouds present an innovative and stylish solution, capable of transforming any area into a more tranquil and visually appealing environment. These Acoustic Treatments, suspended from the ceiling and often resembling clouds, are renowned for their ability to effectively reduce noise and control sound in diverse settings. Beyond their functional advantages, these installations also contribute a unique visual aesthetic to any room.

Hanging Acoustic Clouds deliver a dual benefit by proficiently absorbing sound, thereby diminishing echoes and reverberation in spaces such as auditoriums, open-plan offices, and restaurants. This not only improves the overall acoustic experience but also adds to the visual appeal of a space. The clouds are available in various sizes, shapes, and colors, enabling creative design solutions that can harmonize with any interior decor.

A key feature of Hanging Ceiling Clouds is their adaptability. They can be strategically positioned to address specific areas where sound control is crucial, making them suitable for environments with unique acoustic challenges. Their relatively simple installation process, requiring no major renovations, makes them a convenient option for both new constructions and existing spaces.

In terms of design, Hanging Acoustic Clouds offer a broad spectrum of options. Whether one prefers a minimalist look or a bold statement piece, there are designs to suit every taste. Customizable in various colors and materials, these clouds seamlessly integrate into any design scheme, making them a favorite among interior designers and architects.

Hanging Ceiling Clouds find application in a wide range of environments due to their versatility. They prove particularly effective in spaces where speech intelligibility is crucial, including conference rooms, lecture halls, and performance spaces. Furthermore, they are well-suited for public areas such as libraries, airports, and shopping centers, where controlling ambient noise is essential.

Incorporating Hanging Ceiling Clouds into your space is a practical approach to addressing acoustic challenges while simultaneously enhancing the visual appeal of the environment. Whether you seek to improve sound quality in a professional setting or add a modern touch to your interior design, Hanging Acoustic Clouds offer a solution that is both functional and stylish. Consulting with acoustic experts can assist in selecting the ideal hanging ceiling clouds tailored to your specific needs, marking the beginning of a transformation for your space that seamlessly combines functionality and design.