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Envirotech Systems manufacturer of Grooved Wooden Acoustic Panel System provides best NRC value and aesthetically pleasing look for Wall and Ceiling. Wooden Acoustic panel having combination of Grooved and Helmholtz perforation for controlling the sound reverberation and echo. Envirotech Wooden acoustic Panels are high performance acoustical products with an exceptional visual appearance. Grooved Wooden Acoustical panels come in a variety of configurations to meet all interior and acoustical requirements, provide balances sound reflection and absorption through groove and perforations. NRC System infilled with 50mm thick Rockwool 48/60kg density to increase sound absorption value as per Acoustic Consultant’s design.

The Grooved Wooden Acoustic Panels made of high-density Pre laminated MDF/HDF boards, all joints of wooden acoustic panel have Tongue and Groove Systems or dowel connection to avoid any sagging /unevenness. This ensures consistent quality for each panel on every project. The reverse side of each acoustic panel covered with a layer of black acoustic fleece. Grooved wooden slats to be Installed over aluminium keel with butterfly clip or 1mm thick GI sheet ‘Z” clamps or Headless nails as per the site condition or approval of site in charge. GI Studs of 0.50mm thick can be utilised for with 600x900mm framework to create an air gap in between wall and acoustic panels which can be filled with Rockwool, Glasswool or Polyester fibre pads if required as per acoustic designs.

Technical Specification of Grooved Wooden Slats/Sound Slats

  • Size of Grooved Wooden Acoustic Panel: 128x2420mm/192x2440mm/575x2420mm/1200x2420mm or as per customization.
  • Thickness of the Panels 15mm/16mm/17mm or as per choice
  • Finish: Variety of pre laminated board shades with Matt finish, Melamine Glossy Finish. Having 50+ colour option available. Thansau maple, Intal Beach, Mangfall Beech, Bavarian Beech, Natural Teak, Khaya Mahogany, Siam wood, Elegant Teak, Oxford Cherry are some ready stock panels.
  • Patterns: 14/2, 28/2, 32/2, 56/2, 16/2, 14/3.2, 28/3.2, 56/3.2mm

Envirotech Grooved Wooden Slats made out of Prelaminated 16 mm Thick high density MDF/HDF Board of density 700-800Kg/m3, acoustic panel size will be: 128mm x 2440 mm, Groove Size 2-4mm at an interval of 28 mm c/c as per acoustic design, The wooden acoustic panels to be backed with black acoustic fleece. The grooved acoustic panel laminated in desired shade as per Engineer In charge / Architect’s approval. The GI Grid channel 50 x 32mm thick made out of GI sheet, 0.5 mm thick covered with Ply strip and then utilised headless nails for final finish. The grid size will be – 600 x 900mm fixed to wall using screws. Cavity of grid shall be filled with 50mm thick compressed Rockwool tile of 48kg/m3 confirming to IS8183 as infill..

Technical Parameter: -

  • Core- MDF/HDF
  • Edge- Tongue and groove/Square both the option available
  • Density- 700-800kg/m3
  • NRC Value-0.90
  • RH- 70
  • Fire Rating- Class 1 & P
  • Light Reflection- Colour Dependent


Auditorium, Cinema hall , Theaters, Music hall, Stadium, Lecture Hall, , Library, Multi-function hall, Hotel, Museum , Meeting rooms, Conference Hall, Business office and other public places.


Wooden Grooved Acoustic Panels

In the ever-evolving landscape of interior design and Acoustic Solutions, Grooved Wooden Slats stand out as a transformative element. Recognized for their unique Grooved Design, these slats not only bring an aesthetic appeal but also serve a functional purpose in sound absorption and Room Acoustics. Their distinctive texture and wooden composition introduce a natural warmth to any environment, making them a favored choice among designers.

When aiming to elevate the acoustic quality of a space, Grooved Acoustic Panels play a crucial role. Precision-crafted, these panels feature grooves designed to diffuse sound waves, effectively reducing echoes and reverberations. This characteristic makes them particularly well-suited for applications in spaces such as Home Theaters, recording studios, and open-plan offices, where managing sound quality is essential.

The allure of Wooden Grooved Acoustic Panels lies in their ability to seamlessly marry functionality with natural elegance. Crafted from high-quality wood, these panels not only enhance acoustic environments but also contribute a touch of sophistication to any room. The combination of the wooden texture and grooved design creates visually captivating patterns that can complement various interior themes, ranging from contemporary to rustic.

Furthermore, the versatility of Grooved Wooden Slats and Acoustic Panels is evident in their application. Suitable for installation on walls or ceilings, they can serve as either a focal point or a subtle background element in the room's design. This adaptability positions them as an ideal solution for both residential and commercial spaces seeking to enhance their aesthetic appeal while addressing acoustic challenges.

In conclusion, Grooved Wooden Slats and Grooved Acoustic Panels, particularly those crafted from wood, provide an effective and stylish answer to both sound management and interior design needs. Their natural wooden aesthetics, combined with the functional benefits of sound absorption and diffusion, make them an excellent choice for those seeking to create a space that is not only acoustically balanced but also visually captivating.