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Micro Perforated Acoustic Panel Manufacturer & Supplier in India.

ENVIROTECH SYSTEMS Micro Perforated Acoustic Panels (MICROPERF) are made of 1mm thick Micro Perforated Mica Laminate Sheet and a base of High-Density Perforated MDF/HDF/WPC Boards with rigid fixation can be installed over the Ceiling and Wall.

Micro Perforated Acoustic Ceiling and Wall panels are made of High-Density Perforated MDF/WPC/Ply Boards. The micro-perforated acoustic panel’s top sheet will be of 0.50mm thick Mica laminate over Micro Perforation Punch (Micro Perforation Circular Dia up to 0.50mm at a distance of 02 mm c/c as per acoustic design and desired shade as per Engineer In charge / Architects approval. The Base Boards having 10 mm Circular Dia perforation as per acoustic design, the acoustic panels to be backed with black acoustic fleece. Base of the Micro Perforated panels is made out of 12/16mm thick MDF/WPC/Ply board. Size of the Micro Perforated Acoustic Panels 595x595mm, 600x1200mm, 600x2420mm with square edge as per acoustic design. Micro Perforated Acoustic Panels can be fixed on T24 Grid System/GI Channel grid as per choice of Architect. Cavity of grid shall be filled with Rockwool density 48 kg/m3 confirming to IS 8183. Micro Perforated Acoustic Panels having best noise absorbent value.


ENVIROTECH SYSTEMS (MICROPERF) Micro Perforated Acoustic Panels Size 595x595mm, 600x1200mm, 600x2420mm, and 16mm Thickness with a square edge as per acoustic design for wall and 12mm for Ceiling. 595X595, 600X1200, 600X2420.


  • Core Material- High-Density Perforated MDF/HDF/WPC Boards.
  • Hole Diameter- 0.60mm and 1 mm at a distance of 02 mm
  • Density- 550-800kg/m3
  • Edge - Square, Kerfed, Micro
  • NRC- 0.86
  • Finish- Having 50+ color options available. shades with Matt finish, Melamine Glossy Finish.
  • Application:

    Auditorium, Conference Room, Office, Gym, Malls, Hotels, School, Lecture Hall, Theatres, Studio, Homes, Banquet hall Etc.