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Envirotech is a leading Manufacturer of Acoustic hanging Baffles, Hanging Sound Baffles & Ceiling Sound Baffles with high performance NRC Ratings. Highly Effective Acoustic Baffles to Absorb Noise

Acoustic Sound Baffles, Sound Baffle Panels, Sound Absorbing Ceiling Panels in India With the advent of technology,a lot of new innovative techniques have come up to control the sound and noise that can create havoc in the mind of the people. At commercial spaces like Canteens, Sports stadium, Industrial spots, Malls. Auditoriums etc where it is required to get the control of the sound and a modulation is required to avoid any kind of noise transmission.

We offer a variety of high performance acoustic hanging baffles in different sizes, shape. The acoustic baffles are useful for many different types of area i.e. industrial shop floor, Canteen, Meeting room’s food processing areas, indoor stadium.sound baffles combine performance with high NRC Ratings and value for money to solve the most demanding of noise reduction problems.

These days Acoustic Hanging Baffles, as well as Acoustic Hanging Clouds,are in great trend to make the noise reduction in a better way such that there are no more disturbances to the ears of the persons all around. Ceiling Sound baffles are another way that are mounted on the ceiling and reduce reverberation as it can be mounted ceiling. At envirotech you are able to find various kinds and types of sound baffle coverings that have the applications for both indoor and outdoor places. With a hue and myriad of beautiful colours and fabric, the Handing acoustic baffles on the ceiling are great for the industrial use having the outer sheet of A1. It is available in different colors with the hanging systems to be fitted for the vertical suspension and are suspended over the ceiling both in the horizontal as well as vertical ways. The best thing about the Ceiling sound baffles at envirotech is that they are light in weight and will not cause any extra load on the ceiling as well as roof.

Features and Specifications of the Acoustic Hanging Baffles

  • Light and Moderate Weight
  • High Performance with Quality Sound Absorption
  • Smarter Installation with the Sound Modulation
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction with Good Proven Track record
  • Suitable for large noisy spaces that require a perfect noise control inorder to provide you with complete satisfaction.


  • Brass Grommets- The material used for the purpose of preparing the baffles are the made up of brass and is quite light in weight.
  • Adjustable Cable- The roof hanging that takes place through the acoustic assembling possess an adjustable cable. It offers you with complete amount of flexibility as well as make sure that you are able to have the hanging which is full of cable hanging kit.
  • Vinyl Casing- The products are well prepared through the vinyl casing that will help to provide you with a better kind of fabric. It will make sure that you will have to get some of the best experience that will impart you with the great variety of noise control.

Acoustic Ceiling Baffles | Hanging Sound Baffles

In contemporary designs for commercial, educational, and recreational spaces, effective sound management is crucial for creating a comfortable and productive environment. Baffles Ceiling systems, which include elements such as Sound Baffles and Acoustic Baffles, play a significant role in achieving this. These systems consist of panels or materials suspended from the ceiling, designed to absorb and mitigate noise, making them suitable for environments where sound clarity and noise reduction are paramount. Sound baffles are highly versatile and find applications in settings like auditoriums, open-plan offices, and restaurants, effectively reducing reverberation and echo, thereby improving overall sound quality.

Acoustic Baffles, a specific type of Sound Baffles, are engineered for superior sound absorption. Typically crafted from high-quality, sound-absorbing materials, these baffles come in various shapes and sizes, often chosen for their aesthetic appeal. They are a popular choice for spaces that require both functionality and style. Sound Baffling Panels merge efficiency and aesthetics, enhancing the visual appeal of a room while effectively managing acoustics. Available in a variety of colors, textures, and designs, these panels serve as a crucial element in interior design.

Acoustic Ceiling Baffles make optimal use of the often-neglected ceiling space in a room. By installing these baffles on the ceiling, the acoustic properties of the room are significantly improved without compromising floor space or overall aesthetics. Integrating Sound Baffles comprehensively into the ceiling ensures that the entire ceiling area contributes to sound management, leading to more effective acoustic control, especially in larger or noisier environments.

Hanging sound baffles provide a flexible solution to sound management. These baffles can be strategically placed and adjusted as needed, making them suitable for spaces undergoing frequent layout changes or with specific sound control requirements. Incorporating baffles into your space is not just an investment in sound management; it enhances the overall environment. Whether opting for sound baffles, acoustic baffles, or a combination, these solutions effectively control sound in any setting.

Investing in the right sound baffling panels or Acoustic Ceiling Baffles can transform a space, creating a more comfortable, productive, and visually appealing environment. To find the most suitable solution, it's essential to consider specific needs and the unique characteristics of the space. For more information and to explore a range of Baffles Ceiling options, consulting with experts in the field is a crucial step in transforming the acoustic environment.