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Auditorium Acoustic
Auditorium Acoustic

Auditorium Acoustic Ceiling Tiles, Sound Absorbing Ceiling Tiles, Acoustical Ceiling Tiles at Best Price in India, Ceiling Acoustic Tiles, Auditorium Acoustic Wall Panels

Envirotech Manufacture Auditorium Acoustic Ceiling tiles are fabric laminated & without fabric laminated multi-color acoustic tiles. Echo Stop Acoustic Ceiling Tiles offer excellent sound control performance by providing high sound absorption. These tiles are Micro-perforated which provides high sound absorption properties in Auditorium Acoustic Wall Panels, Acoustic Panels for Premium Auditoriums, and Auditorium Acoustic Ceiling Tiles. The lightweight base makes installation easy. Envirotech acoustic tiles and Panels are inherently resistant to the growth of mold and mildew, and fire resistance is recommended for high-humidity areas.

The Auditorium Acoustic Ceiling Tiles are the best solution for your auditorium or other large room. The material is made of special acoustic foam and there are two types of acoustic foam materials, one is open cells and the other is closed cells. The closed cell type has a higher sound absorption rate than the open cell type. With a high sound insulation property and low water absorption rate, this product can be widely used in various fields such as concert halls, theatres, cinemas, and so on. Auditorium acoustic ceiling tiles are an excellent solution for sound control, low noise, and good audio-visual quality. Placed on the ceiling in a typical school or university auditorium, these tiles can reduce noise and reverberation by about 25 decibels.

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Environmentally friendly

Envirotech Auditorium Acoustic Ceiling Tiles and Panels are Fungi and stains-resistance, recyclable, no radiation, and do not contain any harmful substances. A new type of green building material without pollution to the surroundings.

Uses / Application

Envirotech acoustical ceiling tiles having high NRC value, widely used in Auditorium, Multiplexes, Home Theatre Lecture Hall, Library, Gymnasium, Hospital, Schools, Shopping centres, Office buildings, IT Sector, Airports, Recording Studio, Conference Hall, Lecturer Hall, BPO, Offices, etc.


Envirotech wall panels have 3M self-adhesive tape to fix on the wall the site installation is very easy also Tiles can be easily dismantled for services work & reinstall.

Characteristics of a good Auditorium

  • The initial sound should be of adequate intensity.
  • The sound should be evenly distributed throughout the hall.
  • The successive nodes should be clear & distinct.
  • Noise has to be taken care of.
  • The size & the shape of the ball has also to be taken care of.
Auditorium Acoustic
Auditorium Acoustic
Auditorium Acoustic
Auditorium Acoustic
Auditorium Acoustic
Auditorium Acoustic
Auditorium Acoustic